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Ultherapy: Get Rid of Chest Wrinkles Once and for All

As age and time go by, you may start noticing some wrinkles on the upper parts of the chest, also known as the décolletage, and you can't help but button your blouse up to the top to hide the wrinkles.

With Ultherapy, you can treat the wrinkles and get rid of them, and your youthful look will be back.

Ultherapy is the first non-invasive procedure that is FDA cleared to lift the décolletage area. Similar to how Ultherapy works to lift the neck, eyebrow and chin areas, the new Ultherapy décolletage firming treatment uses ultrasound technology to stimulate the body’s own natural collagen and elastin, which strengthens the skin’s foundation, gradually smoothing out wrinkles and firming the skin on the chest.

Ultherapy in Crown Point Indiana

How The Treatment Works

Ultherapy delivers focused ultrasound energy to the same foundation layer typically addressed by surgeons during cosmetic surgery — without cutting or disrupting the surface of the skin

The Ultherapy Decolletage Treatment utilizes ultrasound therapy capabilities and takes about 30 minutes to administer, meaning your lunch break is enough for the process.

At Smiles on Randolph, one of our licensed technicians will clean and apply therapy oils on the chest, making you feel comfortable for your treatment.

The treated area may become red, but will disappear with time. With Ultherapy there is no downtime so you can resume your daily activities immediately after treatment.

The Ultherapy Decolletage Treatment stimulates the natural formation of collagen and elastin in the skin’s foundation to gradually smooth chest wrinkles. Results are visible after about three months.

Always remember to follow your doctor's recommendations after treatment.

What Makes Your Chest Prone to Wrinkles?

Weight changes may cause wrinkles as gaining too much weight causes the skin around the chest to stretch. Stretching of the skin may happen during pregnancy and breastfeeding. After you lose this weight, the skin may not get back to normal.

Wearing loose bras and body shapers can cause wrinkles on the chest as they are likely to alter your chest appearance.

If you are a side sleeper, then there are chances that wrinkles will come your way because your skin is pulled by gravity while sleeping. Those with large breasts are more affected by side sleeping.

Sun exposure leads to too much UV light penetrating your skin and causes your collagen to break down due to the radiation.

Collagen also tends to deplete with age. The older you are, the chances of developing wrinkles are higher. Genetics and engaging in activities such as smoking will fasten the aging process.

Preventive Measures for Wrinkles Around The Chest

You can always try to keep wrinkles away by adopting facial care procedures on your chest.

Whenever you are under the sun, cover your chest with clothes, and always be sure to apply sunscreen.

Avoid side sleeping and wearing unfit bras and shapewear; make sure you have support when side sleeping.

Choose a good moisturizer for your skin to keep it healthy, and remember to drink plenty of water as this acts as a natural moisturizer for the skin.

Ultherapy in Crown Point Indiana

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Smiles on Randolph is ready to give you and your family the highest level of care. Don’t delay the smile of your dreams, schedule your appointment today.