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Unfortunately, severe tooth pain will likely not go away, and needs to be addressed immediately. Many people become uncomfortable with the words “root canal,” but for some severe tooth problems it is the only answer. The Smiles on Randolph team firmly believes that root canals don’t cause pain, they relieve pain. Contact us today to learn how we can eliminate that unwanted pain and get you back to your daily routine. 

Root Canals at Smiles on Randolph

signs of a dental infection

Many of our patients are surprised that getting a root canal is similar to getting a dental filling. The entire process takes less than an hour, and with advancements in numbing products and sedation dentistry, you will be comfortable during the entire process. A root canal is a great way to save the natural tooth, whereas in a tooth extraction, you may need to receive a tooth implant or dental bridge at a later date. Don’t be scared! Our team has performed thousands of root canals and we strive to provide a safe, comfortable experience for you. 

Root Canals at Smiles on Randolph

Steps To A Strong Root Canal

Once we complete your root canal, it is important that we take the next steps to enhance the strength and durability of your tooth. After your root canal appointment, we will plan for your follow-up dental filling or crown appointment. For patients who need a crown, we offer same-day dental crowns to fully complete the procedure at your follow-up appointment. Contact us today to learn more about how we can alleviate your dental pain and regain your smile!

Do I Need Root A Canal?

Do you have a “pimple” like area on your gums?

Have you recently chipped or fractured a tooth?

Do you have pain or swelling in your jaw?

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, you may need root canal therapy at Smiles on Randolph!

Root Canals at Smiles on Randolph

benefits of root canals

Root Canals at Smiles on Randolph
  • Restores tooth function 
  • Relieves tooth pain
  • Prevents future infection
  • Saves your natural tooth

for you

How long does root canal therapy take?

Does root canal therapy hurt?

What is the cost of root canal therapy?

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Infection or soreness in your mouth is not something to wait on! Schedule your initial evaluation at Smiles on Randolph to see if you could benefit from a root canal.