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pre-cancer screening

According to the Oral Cancer Foundation, almost 53,000 Americans are diagnosed with oral cancer every year. Routine screenings and the use of new technology helps dental professionals identify suspicious lesions. Call our office to schedule your appointment today and speak to a dental professional about early detection.

Oral Cancer Screening at Smiles on Randolph

Screening for oral cancer

The team at Smiles at Randolph takes oral cancer screening very seriously. This is why we look for indications of oral cancer before you experience any symptoms. Receiving a screening during your bi-annual visit and dental cleaning assures an opportunity to detect any early signs of oral cancer when treatment is easy. 

Your oral cancer screening takes just a few minutes and is performed during your dental cleaning and exam. Most oral cancers occur on the tongue and floor of the mouth so your dentist will examine these areas carefully.

Your Smiles on Randolph dentist will look for lesions, areas of Leukoplakia (an abnormal white patch of cells) and areas of Erythroplakia (an abnormal red patch of cells) as these lesions may be precancerous or cancerous.

Oral Cancer Screening at Smiles on Randolph

Why Choose Velscope?

Velscope is a fantastic new technology that uses light to identify areas inside of the mouth that might have abnormal tissue. With Velscope, we are more likely to catch oral cancer in stages 1 and 2, versus later stages than with just a visual examination. It is important to note that this tool is for screening and is not a diagnostic tool. If any suspicious lesions are identified, we will send you to a specialist for diagnosis.

To schedule an oral cancer screening in Crown Point, contact Smiles on Randolph today!

potential risk factors

Are you a smoker?

Do you drink alcohol?

Do you chew tobacco?

Do you have a family history of oral cancer?

All of the above are potential risk factors for oral cancer. Call Smiles at Randolph today to schedule your oral cancer screening and learn more about early detection!

Oral Cancer Screening at Smiles on Randolph

benefits of pre-cancer screening

Oral Cancer Screening at Smiles on Randolph
  • Screenings are quick, easy, and painless
  • Low screening cost can save your life
  • Velscope can identify suspicious lesions sooner
  • Early detection is extremely important

for you

Why are oral cancer screenings important?

How does an oral cancer screening feel?

What is the cost of an oral cancer screening?

schedule your appointment now

Contact Smiles on Randolph today to schedule your appointment now. The sooner you schedule your oral cancer screening, the better! It just might save your life.