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Tooth Pain 101: A Simple Guide To Stop Tooth Pain

A toothache can appear when you least expect it, or it can be a progressive pain that you forgot about until you tried to eat something crunchy. However, it is uncomfortable to deal with at any time, even more, when you can't see a dentist soon.

Many factors may be the origin of your tooth pain, and to dig into the causes, you must consult a general dentist. However, we know it is not always possible to schedule a dentist visit right away. Below, you will find five ways to relieve tooth pain before visiting a professional.

Tooth Pain Relief in Indiana

5 Ways You Can Relieve A Toothache 

Homemade remedies or hacks may help you relieve your tooth pain temporarily if a serious issue is not causing it. However, we highly suggest booking a dental appointment with a general dentist as soon as possible.

Check these five hacks that may relieve your pain: 

  1. Apply A Cold Compress 

    A cold bag or a frozen pack of vegetables applied on the side of your jaw can help you reduce the pain and swelling by numbing the area, but remember to cover the bags with a piece of clothing, so you don't damage your skin.  
  1. Use A Hot Pack

    The application is the same as a cold compress, but instead of numbing the area, it could stop the pain signals your mouth sends to your brain.
  1. Take An Anti-Inflammatory 

    Anti-inflammatory pills will help you reduce swelling and dull the pain. However, you have to take them every few hours according to the product's directions for them to work.
  1. Rinse with saltwater 

    A natural way to help you stop a toothache is to rinse your mouth with warm salt water (please, don't swallow it). With saltwater, you can help clean any infection and temporarily ease tooth pain.
  1. Use Peppermint Tea Bags

    Some people like to put the tea bags in the freezer before applying them to the hurt area. However, it is also common to apply the tea bags while they are still warm and leave them in the area until cold. Peppermint tea bags possess mild numbing properties that generate a pleasing sensation, allowing your pain to ease temporarily.

You Can’t Build A New Tooth Out Of Painkillers. 

Taking a pill now and then to help you stop tooth pain may sound unharmful, but let us break it to you; if the pain is consistent, it is not normal. Painkillers won't fix your cavities or correct a broken tooth; only a professional can offer a permanent solution.

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Tooth Pain Relief in Indiana

Your Dental Pain Relief Provider

Smiles On Randolph provides state-of-the-art services to our patients in Crown Point, IN and the surrounding areas. We are a reliable dental med spa committed to our patients' dental health and well being. General dentistry goes beyond cleanings and fillings, don't underestimate mild tooth pain; let us take care of you!


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Smiles on Randolph is ready to give you and your family the highest level of care. Don’t delay the smile of your dreams, schedule your appointment today.