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BOTOX vs. DYSPORT vs. XEOMIN: Which is the Right One for Me?

Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin are types of FDA-approved injectable wrinkle relaxers that are well known in the cosmetic market. They work by paralyzing  the target area’s muscles to smoothen it and reduce wrinkles.

The three are derived from the same substance, which is the bacterium named clostridium botulinum. Let us learn more about these three wrinkle relaxers and understand the uniqueness of each and who is the right candidate.

Dysport and Xeomin in Crown Point Indiana

Who Is The Right Candidate?

Before considering these wrinkle relaxers, consult with trained professionals like the ones at Smiles on Randolph’s med spa in order to know if you are the ideal candidate.

Generally the relaxers work best for people between 18-65 in good health who are dealing with facial wrinkles. Below this age, it is rare to find wrinkles developing.

Your health is a concern before every treatment. Contact us to learn more about how these relaxers, or other cosmetic services, can help you regain your youthful appearance.


Botox, produced by Allergan, was approved by the FDA in 2002 and is well known for treating severe wrinkles on the upper face to the mid-lower face.

It contains a protein to help deliver the neurotoxin to the treatment area. Botox takes 1-2 weeks for results to start showing following treatment

The neurotoxin concentrates in the injected area, which makes it a great choice for small, fine wrinkles.


Dysport, manufactured by Galderma Laboratories, is a relaxer the FDA approved in 2009.

Per unit Dysport is cheaper than Botox, but Dysport requires more units during treatment, which generally means the cost is about the same. 

Dysport has been shown to provide great results 3 to 5 days after injection.

It's recommended for mild and moderate wrinkles. It is often used to treat larger areas as it proactively spreads under the skin's surface.


Xeomin, produced by Merz Pharmaceuticals, is the most recent FDA-approved wrinkle relaxer receiving its approval in 2010. 

Xeomin comes in a naked form with no protein coating, which means if you are allergic to proteins then this may be the best solution for you. 

Xeomin is recommended for moderate wrinkles, and is mostly used to  treat frown lines.

Just like Botox, the results show after 1 to 2 weeks of treatment.

Do I Need Future Treatments?

These three wrinkle relaxers last up to 3 to 6 months.

Most people consider another treatment as soon as the last one starts to fade, which means you may need treatment three to four times a year.

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Journey To Recovery

After application, the muscles around the treatment area will relax, and you will notice that the wrinkles will begin to dissipate. 

You may experience side effects such as redness and swelling around the injection site.

When it comes to choosing a wrinkle relaxer, it all depends on who you rely on to fulfill your beauty needs. Trust the highly trained, experienced team at Smiles on Randolph’s med spa for your facial rejuvenation.


Smiles on Randolph is ready to give you and your family the highest level of care. Don’t delay the smile of your dreams, schedule your appointment today.


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Smiles on Randolph is ready to give you and your family the highest level of care. Don’t delay the smile of your dreams, schedule your appointment today.