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10 Confidence-Boosting Cosmetic Dentistry Benefits

According to AACD's survey, 45% of people think that your smile is your most attractive feature. This means that your smile affects other people's perceptions and your own self-confidence.

A smile is worth a thousand words, and cosmetic dentistry can make your smile brighter and more beautiful. It can also prevent future dental issues, saving you the cost of pricey dental procedures. If you want to feel confident in your health and your smile, you should consider cosmetic dentistry. 

Be confident in your smile, invest in your health, and feel beautiful inside and out. We've created a list of the top 10 cosmetic dentistry benefits.

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10 Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry has a range of benefits from confidence to better health to long-term savings. 

Not convinced? Here are our top 10 benefits of cosmetic dentistry.

1. Confidence Boost

Do you feel insecure in your smile? The best benefit of cosmetic dentistry is the confidence you feel when you invest in self-care. 

Confidence is an important aspect of your mental health. In fact, self-confidence is directly linked to a fulfilling life. Our insecurities are an extra weight on our shoulders, preventing us from living freely and authentically.

Don't just take out word for it. Studies have shown several health benefits related to self-confidence. Some scientifically-proven benefits of self-confidence include the following:

  • Anxiety relief
  • Better social relationships
  • Less self-doubt
  • More ambitious and goal-oriented

People with self-confidence are more comfortable in social situations and putting themselves out there. Go to work with a smile on your face, and meet new people with your best foot forward. With the confidence of a good smile, you can stop worrying about your smile and fearlessly experience life.

That said, don't let other people's perceptions of you influence your decisions. Make important decisions for you first, and feel confident that your health decisions are for your benefit.

2. A Beautiful Smile

Do you drink soda, coffee, or tea? Over 90% of American adults are regular consumers of caffeinated beverages.

Unfortunately, that steaming cup of coffee dulls your teeth's natural white color. Most caffeinated beverages stain your teeth over time.

With teeth whitening, you don't have to choose between a white smile and an energy boost. Have a beautiful smile without sacrificing your daily routine. Because this procedure is so popular, you can choose from several tooth-whitening options like in-office bleaching and home whitening strips.

Teeth whitening is just one example of how you can improve your smile. Here are some common procedures to brighten your smile:

Feel beautiful inside and out. You can have the smile you've always wanted with the help of cosmetic dentistry. Minor procedures can make a major difference to the appearance of your smile.

Cosmetic dentistry helps you maintain a beautiful smile throughout the wear and tear of everyday life.

3. Pain Relief

Are your teeth causing you pain? Cosmetic surgery isn't just for looks. Some procedures offer solutions for dental pain.

Chronic pain is not something to take lightly. Dental pain may not seem urgent, but pain is a signal from your body that something is wrong. 

Not only that, chronic pain has serious long-term effects on your health. Up to 85% of chronic pain patients experience depression and anxiety. Early treatment is essential to long-term health and happiness.

One common source of dental pain is temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ). This disorder causes pain around your jaw joint when you move it. You can usually feel it when you yawn and chew food.

Some common symptoms of TMJ disorders include the following:

  • Jaw clicking
  • Frequent headaches
  • Ringing in one or both ears

If you struggle with TMJ, there are procedures available to decrease pain, secure your jaw, and even realign your jaw. In addition to pain relief, you won't have to worry about a noticeably uneven jaw.

There are other procedures that can end or reduce your pain while improving your smile. If you suffer from dental pain, talk to your dentist for the most effective dental care plan.

4. Improve Your Bite

Your jaw is the foundation of your smile. If your jaw is misaligned or uneven, your teeth, no matter how bright and even, will sit in an awkward position.

Jaw misalignment can cause pain, discomfort, and self-esteem issues. Overbites and underbites are common ailments that can cause these issues.

These conditions can worsen as you age if they are left untreated. In extreme cases, you can even have difficulty speaking. 

There are several potential solutions for overbites and underbites. For less severe cases, plates and wires can slowly correct jaw misalignment. For more advanced cosmetic dentistry needs, some cases do require surgery to shape your jaw.

While you can live with a misaligned jaw, you shouldn't have to suffer if it's causing you problems. If your teeth don't seem to line up, you may have jaw issues.

Contact the Smiles on Randolph team for the best option to improve your bite.

5. Future Investment

Cosmetic dentistry is more than a temporary procedure. It's an investment for your future health and beauty. It also saves you money from potential future dental issues.

The best investments help you in the present and the future. Don't just think in the now. Consider how your decisions will make your future brighter.

Teeth-whitening, one of the most popular processes in cosmetic dentistry, does more than whiten your teeth in the moment.

If you don't need substantial whitening, you can whiten your teeth with strips instead of laser treatment, which is a much cheaper option for staining maintenance. When you whiten your teeth, you protect your teeth from progressive staining.

Filling tooth gaps, another popular cosmetic dentistry treatment, can guard your teeth against chipping more. If you choose reliable services that use durable materials, then composite bonding can help protect your teeth from continually chipping away.

Lastly, gum contouring can fill receded areas in gums and protect overexposed teeth. Receding gum lines can be progressive, but you can fill your gums in before they become a serious issue.

As you can see, cosmetic dentistry has long-term benefits that will save you money over time. Minor dental issues with cosmetic solutions can progress and become serious medical concerns if they aren't addressed quickly.

Cosmetic dentistry is a luxury that pays for itself. Invest in a brighter future for you and your smile.

6. Dietary Freedom

Do your teeth affect your ability to eat?

There are a few reasons why your mouth may limit your ability to eat, but there are two main causes: tooth pain and missing teeth.

Tooth pain can be seriously debilitating and prevent you from eating some or any food. If you're experiencing tooth pain, you may be suffering from one of the following issues:

  • Broken tooth
  • Damaged filling
  • Frequent grinding
  • Tooth infection
  • Tooth decay

Any of these conditions can seriously impact your ability to eat certain foods. Taking steps to fill in your teeth or treat an infection will improve your quality of life.

Similarly, missing teeth can make eating and chewing difficult. You might skip meals or avoid certain foods, which can prevent you from having a nutritious diet.

In addition to a limited diet, you often overcompensate by eating on one side of your mouth, which wears down that area quickly.

If you suffer from any of these diet-limiting issues, you should consider dental services like cosmetic bonding, nightguards, dental implants or any other treatment that can help you live more comfortably.

7. Low Maintenance

Are you worried about post-treatment maintenance?

When you think of dental care maintenance, it's easy to picture the extensive maintenance steps for people with braces. However, maintenance in cosmetic dentistry doesn't have to be stressful.

Cosmetic dentistry treatments are usually low maintenance. Depending on the treatment, you may not have to do anything after the treatment is over.

Teeth whitening, for example, needs little to no maintenance. You can avoid staining food and drinks, but your teeth will stay bright as long as you use whitening strips occasionally.

For cosmetic bonding, the treatment can last 5 or more years as long as you do routine hygiene visits. If you already go in for regular teeth cleaning visits, you could argue that there's no maintenance required at all.

Gum contouring does require some basic maintenance like saline rinses and dietary limitations, but these steps are only necessary until you've recovered from the treatment. Since the treatment heals quickly, you won't have to worry about maintenance after a few days.

Post-treatment maintenance is important for any treatment because it ensures your treatment reaches its full potential and you stay healthy throughout the process.

However, maintenance doesn't have to be a pain with cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry treatments are usually minor procedures that require minimal maintenance.

8. Quick Recovery Time

One important aspect of any procedure is recovery time. If the recovery time is more than a few days, you will have to take days off work, postpone life events, and generally put your life on hold.

With cosmetic dentistry, most procedures require little to no recovery time. Your time is valuable, and your health is vital. Modern cosmetic dentistry has made strides in decreasing recovery time and achieving results fast.

Let's take a look at common procedures and the recovery times for each.

First, our favorite go-to cosmetic treatment: teeth whitening. If you're interested in teeth whitening, you'll be relieved to hear that there is no recovery time.

Whether you use whitening strips or laser treatment, your recovery time ends when the procedure ends. The only caveat is that experts recommend avoiding staining food and drinks for 24 hours after laser treatment.

Similar to teeth whitening, cosmetic bonding has no recovery time. Once the treatment is finished, you can live without any worries about maintenance.

There is a chance that you will have temporary sensitivity, especially relating to temperature, after cosmetic bonding. If you feel sensitivity after this treatment, just be careful to avoid extremely hot or cold food to stay comfortable until the sensitivity passes.

Gum lifts and contouring may have one of the longest recovery times in cosmetic dentistry, but the recovery time for this treatment is still short compared to many other dental procedures.

Depending on how extensive your treatment is, this procedure can take between one week and three months to heal.

You only need to brush carefully and eat soft foods for the first of couple weeks, so the recovery time really depends on keeping up with maintenance and the invasiveness of the procedure. You may experience some gum swelling and tenderness throughout the recovery process.

When you decide to get treatment in cosmetic dentistry, you should decide whether the recovery time is worth the procedure. Usually, these treatments offer quick recovery times and amazing results that are worth the wait.

9. Stay Young

Everybody wants to look and feel young. It's a reflection of health, energy, and confidence. If you're interested in anti-aging technology, there are plenty of cosmetic dentistry treatments to enhance your youthful features.

Of course, natural aging is beautiful, but aging that causes issues and discomfort is preventable. 

Gum contouring is an effective and popular option for anti-aging treatments. As gums naturally recede, your teeth are more exposed and vulnerable to dental issues. Gum lifts and contouring even out your gums for a beautiful smile and prevent progressive gum recession. 

Visit a center for cosmetic dentistry for more information on anti-aging cosmetic procedures. You can get treatment for age-related tooth decay, gum recession, and more.

10. Affordable and Cost-Effective

Is the cost of cosmetic dentistry worth it? We think so!

Cosmetic dentistry treatments are surprisingly affordable because they aren't as invasive as a lot of dental procedures.

The cost of each treatment will vary, but most cosmetic dentistry treatments are quick and minimally invasive procedures. Because of these factors, they naturally tend to be affordable and cost-effective.

Your health is priceless, but everyone deserves the chance to feel beautiful. Affordable cosmetic dentistry exists so that everyone can invest in preventative care and personal beauty. 

Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

Explore Cosmetic Dentistry Services Today

Cosmetic dentistry is a cost-effective way to invest in your health and your confidence. As you can see, the benefits of cosmetic dentistry are priceless. Pick the treatments that will improve your quality of life, and walk out the door with renewed confidence in your smile. Contact the experienced, dedicated team at Smiles on Randolph dental spa today! 


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